T.I. Astrology classes take participants step-by-step through the process of greater embodiment, understanding the mechanisms of stress and trauma in general and in the Astrology Chart. These classes support participants in learning tools for settling and resourcing the nervous system, and building in compassion and empathy for our clients. Along with building in competence in seeing the nervous system through the lens of Astrology.

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"I came to Kirby knowing very little about Somatic work but desperately needing help to revitalize and rehabilitate my nervous system. He took all my past traumas in stride and helped me process them in a way that I could never have done without his support. Kirby has an incredible ability to sense what I need and understand the impact of past experiences and traumas on my energy and body. He has guided me through the healing process with empathy, understanding, and a sense that he walks with me hand in hand as the journey unfolds. I can’t say enough about his deep experience and wisdom, and how he has helped me live more fully in the world."

-Simone C.

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T.I. Astrology Essentials Level Certification

These classes are for people who wanted to deepen their knowledge of nervous system repair, somatic tools and to see the nervous system through the lens of the Astrology chart. Taking the first three courses offered and completing additional requirements will get you certified in Trauma Informed Astrology.

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Practitioner Level and Advanced Courses

These classes are more specialized. They include Karmic Astrology, Timing Aspects, PPN Astrology, Medical Astrology Somatic Processing, Working with Shame and more!


To take Advanced Classes, you must all three of the Essentials Certification courses.

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Joining the T.I.Astrology Team

If you want to be an assistant or a teacher for T.I. Astrology, please contact the team at www.traumainformedastrology.com/contact

We will ask you to interview and most likely have you take one or two courses, depending on your previous experience and training. Thank you for your interest!

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Hi, I’m Kirby Moore

Since 2003, I have been studying and practicing Western Astrology, Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Zapchen Somatics, the Polyvagal Theory, Birth Process Work and more. In 2019, I realized that it would be very beneficial to combine these awesome modalities. I taught the first T.I. Astrology class in January of 2021.

We have a great team forming here at Trauma Informed Astrology! We are very grateful to be able to offer these dynamic courses. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We are so glad you are here!

We offer classes, mentoring, astrology interpretations, somatic processing sessions, and more.