Hi! I'm Kirby Moore

I have been practicing Western and Spiritual Astrology since 2003. Starting in 2005, I began studying & practicing Craniosacral Therapy, Working with the Polyvagal System, Somatic Experiencing, Birth Process Work and more. I love blending these modalities to produce a unique perspective on working with the nervous system through the Western Astrology chart.

Emphasis is placed on embodiment practices. Astrology can be a very cerebral system. Now let's come down out of our heads and into our hearts. The body has all the answers - if we can slow down enough and learn how to listen for them.

This first course provides us with a solid foundation (and vocabulary) for exploring the nervous system through the lens of the astrology chart (which we will dive into further in the second course).

Short story about T.I. Astrology:

Back in 2007, I had a vision while doing a meditation retreat, seeing somatic process work and astrological counseling sessions combined. I did not know what to do with that information at the time. Since 2016, I have been seeing how trauma often shows up in the chart. Even birth trauma.

The beautiful thing is that trauma is not a life sentence - we can soften it, repair and transform it! It is possible to heal yourself and then to offer that support to your clients as well!

I have been very blessed to receive teachings from authentic heart teachers, Tibetan Lamas, bodyworkers, meditation masters and somatic experiencing faculty. I am very grateful to be able to offer some of this healing wisdom to my clients and course participants.

We are offering a pre-sales discount now through December 15th! The first 5 participants save $175. There is also a payment plan option (pre-sales) where you save $150!

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Join a Great Group

Kirby and the Trauma Informed Astrology team seek to cultivate a safe container where all people are welcomed and all are made to feel as comfortable as possible. We want you to feel welcome! We value antiracist principles and seek to learn from a diverse background.

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Kirby has benefited hundreds of clients & students

Since 2004, Kirby has worked with hundreds of astrology clients, and more than a thousand bodywork clients. Click the mandala pic above to learn more and to see several testimonials.

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Learn great tools to enhance your practice

In this course, you will learn vital nervous system information, we will touch into resilience, the functional range and learn many tools to settle and resource the nervous system.

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This is the first (of three) section in the Essentials Level Certification process.

This is the first course of many planned in the T.I. Astrology series. The second section is much more Astrology heavy (Viewing the Nervous System through the Lens of the Chart). And then the third section gets into healing methods and nervous system repair theory and technique - with a healthy dose of Astrology as well!

Then we will offer a Practitioner Level Certification as well, later in 2023 and 2024. Thank you for joining us on this awesome journey!